Thanks Creative Edinburgh!

          Thanks Creative Edinburgh!

Redbird is UK based, although we do include content from all over the world.

To read Creative Edinburgh's interview with Redbird's Eileen Budd click on the link: Creative Edinburgh

Redbird is not for profit. This platform is written by artists and run by artists and seeks to promote the work of talented creative people throughout the UK and beyond.

Redbird features conversations and exhibitions produced by both emerging and established talent.  We are artists talking to other artists, curators, writers, musicians and makers, tackling the big philosophical questions and some of the nonsensical ones too.

Redbird has these principles at its core:

1. Supportive not Exploitative
It is free to feature your work on Redbird.  We are decidedly: not for profit.

2. Talent is What Counts
Redbird is interested in artists at all stages of their careers not just those who could be called emerging.

3. Artists and Creatives
Creative work can be found in many different industries, everything from music to robotics, so Redbird is open to new ideas, not just traditional art forms.

4. Meet the Makers
People who make things are interesting, so if we feature your work on Redbird we genuinely want to hear what you think about the world.

5.  Art is What We Do
Writers for Redbird are artists themselves and so it’s an opportunity to talk about your work with your peers, as opposed to an art critic or reviewer. 

If you want to get involved, if you’re a comic book artist, a fine artist, abstract artist, craftsman, curator or maker, established or starting out, if you’re keen to talk about your work, get in touch!


Its a tough world to be an artist in, but at least we can face the horror together!



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